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Wound Up

Voice your Opinion

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Welcome to the WoundUp Communtiy.

Woundup is an opinions community. The opinions can be based on anything from Entertainment to Politics to your Mother. It really doesn't matter. You're welcome to post your opinion about anything, and comment to other people's opinions with your thoughts.


1. Be respectful of other people's opinions. If you don't agree, do so in a respectful matter or keep your mouth shut. I did not create this to get anyones opinions knocked down or hurt. You will be banned on your first offense.

2. If you post pictures of any kind, for any reason, put it all behind a cut. If your post is unreasonably long, put it behind a cut. Just use your judgement, mkay?

3. Do not post quizzes, survey, etc.. It just takes up space and I will eat your soul.

4. Use proper english. If you can't spell, or use complete sentences, please go away.

5. Have Fun!!